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What is a Guided Tour Webinar?

Each 30-minute Guided Tour Webinar will present an overview of Inquiry Journeys and describe its easy-to-use digital features. We'll also spotlight important elements of the Inquiry Journeys teaching and learning experience. You can chat questions to the presenter or just sit back and watch! Read below to find out more about each Guided Tour Webinar. 

Spotlight: Fully Digital Guided Tour
January 30, 11:30 am (CT) 

Check out the power of customization and differentiation in Inquiry Journeys' digital curriculum. This tour spotlights unique tools designed to ignite curiosity, inspire inquiry, and cultivate critical thinking. From customizable slide decks to rich primary and secondary sources, teachers can leverage the power of dynamic digital tools to meet every student where they are in their learning journey.

Spotlight: Implementation and Professional Learning 

February 20, 11:30 am (CT) 

Inquiry Journeys goes beyond curriculum: our dedicated Partner Experience team supports schools and districts in sustainable implementation. This session highlights the comprehensive support and strategies provided by our team to ensure seamless adoption of your new social studies curriculum.

Spotlight: K-2 Lesson
March 12, 11:30 am (CT)

Get a closer look at Inquiry Journeys for our youngest learners. This tour navigates through the structure, content, and objectives of K-2 lessons. See how we connect engaging learning experiences with foundational concepts, fostering a love for learning while building essential social studies knowledge.

Spotlight: 3-5 Lesson
April 16, 11:30 am (CT)

Explore the balance of academic rigor and engaging activities in our 3-5 lessons. This tour showcases how we pair primary and secondary sources with interactive experiences, tailored to be developmentally appropriate for upper elementary students.

Spotlight: Informed Action Projects
May. 7, 11:30 am (CT)

Discover the impact of Informed Action with Inquiry Journeys. We're excited to show the  Inquiry Products created by students across the country. Learn how we enhance students' sense of agency and understanding of their community impact through active participation.

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