NCSS and inquirED Webinar: Building Background Knowledge
Building Background Knowledge: Literacy, Democracy, Community

During this series NCSS and inquirED explored how building background knowledge through social studies improves literacy outcomes and gives students the deep understanding they need to participate in civic life.

Background Knowledge and the Science of Reading

With Sarah Schwartz (EdWeek), Nell K. Duke (Stand for Children), Katherine Tarca (MA Department of Education), and Shanti Elangovan (inquirED). 

While most of the media attention around literacy has focused on the real and important need for phonics instruction, the science of reading calls for much more. Join NCSS and inquirED as we dig into these important issues with a cross-disciplinary panel of educators and researchers.

What Can a Citizen Do? Interview with Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris

Dave Eggers, best-selling writer, editor, and publisher, and illustrator Shawn Harris will join us to discuss their book What Can a Citizen Do?  The book is inspiring young students across the country to participate in the civic life of their communities. We’ll also be joined by teachers who are using the book in their classrooms to help students take informed action in their communities.

Layers of Meaning: Knowledge Building and Complex Texts

With special guests Jillian Corr (Learning Experience Architect, inquirED) and Jane Patrick (Learning Experience Designer, inquirED).

Why do students need to grapple with complex texts? How can teachers scaffold these texts to help students build background knowledge and vocabulary? Join us as we examine how inquiry-based learning provides a framework for building layers of knowledge and meaning that help students get the most out of their interactions with complex texts.

Tell Me More: Using Diverse Books and Inquiry to Teach History

With special guest Melissa Marks (Professor of Education, University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg).

Picture books are a great way for students to investigate diverse perspectives in history and build literacy skills. Join us for practical ideas about using inquiry, critical thinking, and diverse books in your classroom.

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